American Beer Festival in Denver unexpectedly honored his attention company Google,boiled for this event your own beverage. Beer from Google is remarkable for the fact thatin creating his recipe thousand employees have participated.

As it turned out, to get a drink that meets the tastes of employees Google, you need onlyadd the seeds of Australian acacias, amaranth from South America, African rooibos andbog myrtle from Europe. The finished drink, reminiscent of a dark Belgian ale, a sense of taste of coffee and chocolate flavor with cherry. Google's experiments in the field ofbrewing reports Business Insider.

Together with Google to create a beverage team worked American brewery Dogfish Head. A joint effort called URKontinent, that German is translated as "prakontinent." The drink was released a limited edition and on sale does not appear.
Social network Facebook, according to "informed sources, the Web," has decided to postpone
the procedure, an initial public issue of shares.

In June it was reported that Facebook, is likely to hold an IPO in early 2012 under pressure fro
the U.S. Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).But now the Financial
Times at the disposal of information were that going public will be postponed.

It is noted that Facebook plans to move the primary procedure for the public issuance of
shares in the second half of 2012 - presumably for September or even later date. This is due
to the desire of the founder Mark Zuckerberg social networks focus on staffdevelopment and
introduction of new service functions rather than on financial matters.

Now capitalization of Facebook, estimated at about $ 80-85 billion, and by the spring of
2012 could reach $ 100 billion in revenue the network for the first half of 2011 - $
1.6billion, twice as much in the same period last year . The number of subscribers of
Facebook exceeds 750 million.
Within the last developers conference BUILD introduced a new version of the operating system from Microsoft. Windows 8 was the "highlight of the program," but after it became widely available, and various online communities have started to actively discuss. Also, the new operating system was a lot said in the various network news, and now it's time to talk about those innovations, which in future will be waiting for the OS. These innovations are related to the security sector.

Most discussed news on this topic was innovation, due to the fact that the company intends to equip the new OS, a full anti-virus hybrid. It will be a combination of Windows Defender and anti-virus solutions Security Essentials, but a couple of years ago, Microsoft has tried to ensure that users of Windows anti-virus solution.Conference participants experienced a new antivirus and found that it works fine.However, used in this case, only those viruses that were able to quickly find (testEicar, several samples of Metasploit). The way in which anti-virus solution will work with the more severe virus is unknown.

Windows 8, according to the company, will check the boot sector is not whether itwas uncommitted modifications. Perhaps the defense system of the new OS will be one of the best, and know that users will come soon. Read More...
The program generates a few minutes similar to book text using information that is found in
the online encyclopedia on user's search query.

Project Bookit! realized by Group of Eight students of Israel Institute of Technology
(Technion). Their scientific adviser, Professor Yossi Gil proposed an algorithm, based
on which it was necessary to create useful and interesting application. The result was a
program that is available now as a Web service for Firefox and Chrome and is designedfor
those who would like to bring scattered information on a particular topic in digestibleform.

At first the user must enter a query in a search engine like: say, "Spain Attraction"
or "Shakespeare." After that Bookit! Wikipedia searches and sorts the information found by

From suitable texts generated compilation of a book - with sections, headers, content
and illustrations. Book-similiar file can be read on electronic readers or print.

Because of student developers wanted to create a finished product, they had to limit the abilit
of the program. However, they do not intend to leave it that way. Among areas for further
work - adding new features and the ability to interact not only with Wikipedia, but also to any
other source of information on the Internet.
Social network Facebook began to test a new feature. Now customers of social networks will be able to group their friends in the so-called smart lists automatically.

New algorithm tries to guess the nature of the relationship of each user with other and offers to include it in one of three different groups - "colleagues", "neighbors" and "classmates". "Smart lists" will allow to set news line - in order to see updates from friends only from selected lists.

The idea is clearly borrowed from the social network, Google +, where all friends classified according to various "circles". And compares with previous lists of friends (Friend Lists), the users make and update it manually. An old function is not very popular - according to the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, spoken to only 5% of social network. But while most users will be satisfied by the function - "smart" lists are available only to a limited number of clients on the network.
British scientists have invented a computer system that can detect a lie. The systeminvolved a
ordinary video camera, thermal image sensor with high resolution and a set of algorithms.

The operating principle of the system is based on years of studying how people
unconsciously express their emotions, which are manifested in the change of facial
expression, as well as a rush of blood to the skin, according to the BBC on-Sea.
Human emotions can be recognized by the movement of the eyes and nose, dilated
pupils, respiratory rate, by the way the man bites or purses his lips, and other movements.

According to experts, a lie detector can be particularly useful for security services.

According to the head of research Hassan Ugail from the University of Bradford, in two out of
three device successfully distinguishes between lies and truth.However, this is the results of
experiments conducted on human volunteers.

Toward the end of 2011, the researchers plan to provide security services to its staff of one
of the UK airports to check the efficiency of the detector in the real world. To determine how
accurate the detector results, which show the system after the interrogation, will be
compared with reports of experienced border guards.

"In reality, a stressful situation, we can get even better results," - said Professor Ugeyl. He
believes that the accuracy of the system may increase to 90%, which is comparable with the
results, which show regular lie detector.

The researchers did not hide the fact that the accuracy of such systems can never reach100%
as lie detectors capture human feelings such as fear or uncertainty, but not whatreally lies
behind those emotions. A person may be afraid because he could not believe
it, but not what it ulichat a lie.
Google has released a tool to import bookmarks from Delicious to Google Bookmarks - Delicious to Google Bookmarks.

Service requests data from your Delicious-account or allows you to use OAuth, andimports all your bookmarks, keeping the labels and tags.

Bookmarks service was launched in 2005, but has never been particularly popular anddid not bring any profit. Last year, Google launched the lists for bookmarks - a social function, enabling service to compete with Delicious.
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