Within the last developers conference BUILD introduced a new version of the operating system from Microsoft. Windows 8 was the "highlight of the program," but after it became widely available, and various online communities have started to actively discuss. Also, the new operating system was a lot said in the various network news, and now it's time to talk about those innovations, which in future will be waiting for the OS. These innovations are related to the security sector.

Most discussed news on this topic was innovation, due to the fact that the company intends to equip the new OS, a full anti-virus hybrid. It will be a combination of Windows Defender and anti-virus solutions Security Essentials, but a couple of years ago, Microsoft has tried to ensure that users of Windows anti-virus solution.Conference participants experienced a new antivirus and found that it works fine.However, used in this case, only those viruses that were able to quickly find (testEicar, several samples of Metasploit). The way in which anti-virus solution will work with the more severe virus is unknown.

Windows 8, according to the company, will check the boot sector is not whether itwas uncommitted modifications. Perhaps the defense system of the new OS will be one of the best, and know that users will come soon.
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